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The Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Practice at Quadrillion Partners focuses on client situations where there is a strong need to define strategies and improve core practices, processes, and tools in Sales & Marketing.

In this specific scenario, a $400M global high speed laminate manufacturer came to us due to the fact they hadn't grown in 5 years, their product portfolio was aging, and new competitors began to steal market share. Their sales funnel had been abandoned due to complexity and the new Head of Global Sales had no experience running a global sales team.

Some critical questions here were:

1. How should sales compensation be structured for growth?

2. How are customers segmented?

3. What sales funnel should be adopted?

4. What tools ands KPIs should be deployed?

Our track record in revenue and gross margin improvement in our Sales & Marketing effectiveness practice is impressive.

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Our Work Spans a Variety of Disciplines

  • Market Segmentation
  • Account Targeting / Strategy
  • Goal Setting
  • Team Capability Assessment
  • Commission Plan Definition
  • Salesforce Implementation
  • Sales Operations Improvement
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Quote Effectiveness
  • Contract Management

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