How Fortune 500 Companies Develop High-Performing Sales Teams that Deliver Results Year after Year

Learn how your company can do the same with practical solutions that transforms under-performing sales organizations into high performing teams.

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The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on How Suppliers and Sales Organizations Work and Interact with Customers

This white paper highlights the impact COVID-19 continues to have on the B2B sales process and specific solutions that are available to improve sales effectiveness and grow top line revenue. These solutions are not theoretical, but rather, they are specific and practical, having been developed over many years of experience in managing and transforming small and large complex global sales organizations into high performing sales teams.

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1. How the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently altered the way B2B companies work, engage with customers, and sell their products and services.

2. Challenges customers and executives face with managing teams that work remotely, as. working remotely will be the norm and not the exception going forward.

3. Why it’s important to convert salespeople into businesspeople to ensure alignment between your company strategy and your sales strategy and to support expanding customer expectations.

4. The important differences between high-performing sales organizations and underperforming organizations and what you can do to take corrective action.

5. Review Quadrillion Partner’s SPC End-to-End Sales System.

6. Case study on the transformation of an underperforming sales organization and the impact on company financial performance.

7. How you can compare your teams’ capabilities against best-in-class organizations using a Sales Maturity Assessment Tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization today and develop critical actions to move your organization up the Sales Maturity Scale to become a higher-performing sales organization.

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Quadrillion Partners’ Implementation Approach

The Quadrillion Partners Sales Effective Practice has developed the SPC End-to-End Integrated Performance-based Sales System that allows us to work with a few select clients and develop their sales models around customer intimacy and a deeper understanding of organizational culture.

Learn how Quadrillion Partners can help you improve your sales effectiveness and grow your bottom line.